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Harnessing magnesia pollution and recreate blue sky and blue sky

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Harnessing magnesia pollution and recreate blue sky and blue sky

Дата выпуска:2020-06-13 09:36 Источник:http://en.ykxtnh.cn Нажмите:

Magnesium magnesite resources are of great significance to the economic development of Haicheng City, but the dust produced in the production process of magnesite also causes the land to be solidified, seriously affecting the air quality, and the living environment of the people is relatively bad. The problem left over for many years has brought historical trauma to the resource-based city of Haicheng. At present, the government's determination to govern and entrepreneurs'social responsibility make people full of hope for environmental improvement.

In front of the reheating furnace of Haicheng Magnesium Mine in Pailou, the double electric horizontal electrostatic precipitator is working. The person in charge of the research and development unit told reporters that the advanced dust removal equipment is being tested, and the operation effect is good at present. In the past, the amount of dust near the whole kiln was very large, just like drizzle. After using this equipment, the amount of dust per cubic meter dropped from 7,000 mg to 110 mg, far below the national emission standards.

In response, Wang Mengyan, director of the refractory plant of Haicheng Magnesium Mine, said that state-owned enterprises have the responsibility to make efforts to improve the environment. In recent years, enterprises have invested 56 million yuan in environmental improvement such as dust removal equipment renovation. Now dust emissions from light-burning kilns and fused magnesia can meet the national standards. This new dust removal equipment has been tested. With success, it will play an important role in improving the environment.

During the visit, state-owned and private enterprises such as Pailou Magnesium Mine, Haicheng Magnesium Mine School Refractories Factory, Donghe Group, Houying Group Development Zone Magnesium Brick Factory, etc. have also invested a lot of manpower and material resources in dust removal. Some enterprises reuse the dust, resulting in considerable economic benefits. Entrepreneurs'awareness of environmental protection has also been greatly enhanced, which has played a good role in promoting pollution reduction and air quality improvement. Local people and workers are very supportive of this, the workers happily told reporters: "the factory on the environmental protection equipment, smoke and dust disappeared, no work choke, reduced labor intensity, no pollution of the environment, this is the benefit of future generations of good things ah."

According to a person from the Haicheng Environmental Protection Bureau, the Haicheng Municipal Government attaches great importance to the environmental pollution problems caused by Magnesite Industry in the eastern mountainous areas, including rectifying and standardizing the order of mine development, supporting the intensive processing of magnesite resources, promoting industrial clustering and enterprise parks, controlling pollution by magnesite enterprises and restoring mine ecology, etc. Efforts should be made to improve the production environment of Magnesite Industry. Especially in this year's report on the work of the Haicheng government, the government has made it an important task this year to rectify the "three dust" pollution caused by dust, smoke and dust from mining enterprises in the eastern part of the country, and has set up a leading group for the special rectification work to clarify measures such as limited exploitation of resources and management of enterprise parks. Through a series of measures, the mining layout of magnesite talc resources in Haicheng is basically reasonable, the safe production situation of the mine is obviously improved, the ecological environment of the mine is obviously improved, the price of the mineral products has been obviously raised, and the development and utilization of magnesium resources has stepped into the track of standardization, intensive and large-scale development.

Reporters also learned that in recent years, Haicheng has made every effort to promote the development of magnesium resources intensive processing industry, and has built a billion yuan investment of Houying Magnesium Magnesium High-tech Park, 500 million yuan investment of Houying Group 50,000 tons of new composite magnesia-calcium-zirconium bricks and a number of intensive processing, energy-saving emission reduction, recycling economy projects. With a total investment of 200 million yuan, the comprehensive environmental pollution control of magnesium products enterprises has been carried out continuously. Over the past five years, 680 magnesia kilns have been harnessed in the city, including 100 re-fired kilns, 80 electric smelting furnaces, 300 light-fired kilns and 200 electric smelting furnaces. The harnessing rate has reached 95%. The air quality in the eastern mountainous areas has been significantly improved.

Solving the problem of environmental pollution that has been formed for many years can not be achieved overnight. Haicheng has made all-round planning for magnesite industry, planned and constructed Liaoning (Haicheng) magnesite new material industry base and Eastern mineral primary processing zone, vigorously developed magnesium alloy, magnesium building materials, magnesium chemical new material industry cluster, and planned to build the magnesite base into the world's largest by 2015, with low carbon, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. With the characteristics of circular economy and intensive processing, the resource-saving and environment-friendly 100 billion yuan magnesite new material industrial base, the scientific and technological content of the Magnesite Industry in the city has been upgraded in an all-round way, especially the Magnesite Industry in our city has been upgraded from extensive to environmentally friendly development, and the industrial production environment has been improved to the greatest extent.

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