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Standardize export order, strengthen mining planning, and promote the orderly development of magnesia industry

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Standardize export order, strengthen mining planning, and promote the orderly development of magnesia industry

Дата выпуска:2020-08-13 20:48 Источник:http://en.ykxtnh.cn Нажмите:

Magnesium sand is commonly known as light burned, heavy burned, fused and high purity magnesium products. Magnesium products are primary products produced by calcination of magnesite. Magnesium products are indispensable refractories in smelting industry. Because of the long forming period, irreplaceable and non-renewable of magnesia ore, China began to implement the management of tender license for the export of magnesia ore in 1994. Magnesite in Liaoning accounts for 85% of China's total reserves, accounting for about 20% of the world's proven reserves.

Two, main problems faced by magnesia export enterprises

Liaoning magnesia exports account for about 95% of the total export of magnesia in China. Under the quota bidding management system, the export order of magnesite in China has been developing healthily on the whole, which not only protects magnesite resources but also safeguards the interests of enterprises. But through the research and development of magnesia export enterprises, it is found that at present, the export of magnesia industry in China also faces some problems.

First, the export order needs to be further standardized. At present, there are more magnesia export enterprises, and the phenomenon of low price and disorderly competition still exists. In addition, the smuggling of magnesite exports also infringed the interests of law-abiding enterprises.

Two, exchange rate appreciation affects export competitiveness. Magnesium sand is a resource product with high homogeneity. The appreciation of RMB leads to the price of magnesia under the competitiveness of China's export. The magnesia of Russia, Korea and other countries has put pressure on our export.

Three is the rise in labor costs squeezing profit margins. The sharp increase in labor costs has compressed the profit margin of enterprises, but also squeezed the R&D and environmental protection investment of magnesia industry.

Four, the ability of enterprises to use pricing power needs to be improved. Although China's magnesia exports account for 60% of the world's exports, but the exchange rate, labor costs rise, domestic enterprises are difficult to digest pressure through pricing power, the magnesia enterprises in China through pricing power to digest pressure needs to be improved.

Five, the order of magnesia mining needs further planning. Some small and medium-sized enterprises still have random mining behavior, the comprehensive utilization efficiency of mines is not high, affecting the production and management order of magnesia industry.

Three, related suggestions

One is to further standardize the export order of magnesia, create a good export environment, while increasing the intensity of cracking down on smuggling magnesia exports.

Second, from the perspective of sustainable development, relevant departments should strengthen the mining planning of magnesia industry, according to the relationship between market supply and demand, increase mineral resources tax appropriately, and promote the healthy development of magnesia industry.

Third, magnesia export enterprises should strengthen cost management, increase technological innovation, take the road of scale development, establish industrial production standards, and constantly eliminate backward enterprises.

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