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The dust removal project of Haicheng magnesia industry will be completed one after another.

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The dust removal project of Haicheng magnesia industry will be completed one after another.

Дата выпуска:2020-08-22 15:27 Источник:http://en.ykxtnh.cn Нажмите:

Haicheng has 1/4 of the world's Magnesite reserves, and the magnesite industry is a pillar industry in Haicheng. However, the environmental pollution caused by magnesia production process has brought historical trauma to the environment of resource-based city Haicheng. In recent years, Haicheng has actively promoted pollution control in magnesia industry, reduced smoke and dust emissions, and improved the atmospheric environment.

Recently, the Haicheng Environmental Protection Century Bank and its organizing committee went to Anshan Aohai Refractories Co., Ltd. located in Daxin Village, Bali Town, Haicheng City. The workers on the project site are installing dust removal equipment. Wang Wenming, general manager of the company, said that the company was established at the end of 2004, is a Sino-Australian joint venture to produce and sell large crystalline, fused magnesium products mainly. The original dedusting equipment of the enterprise is a small horse-drawn cart with two electric magnesia smelting furnaces in each set. Due to the aging of the equipment, the dedusting efficiency, the organized emission concentration of smoke and dust and the discharge amount are not up to the standard. In the case of the downturn of magnesia industry, due to environmental protection considerations, the company invested more than 30 million yuan to dismantle the original electric smelting furnace and dust collector, build 32 4000KVA electric smelting magnesia furnace, and complete the new construction of advanced dust removal equipment. Eight of the 16 electric magnesia smelting furnaces and dedusting equipments in the first phase have been completed and put into production. Eight are under construction and are expected to be completed in mid-July and start trial production. The 16 stage of the two phase of the construction of magnesium smelting furnace and dust removal equipment is expected to be completed in 2017. After the completion of the project, the comprehensive dedusting efficiency will reach over 98.5%, fully in line with the requirements of the national emission standards.

In Haicheng three Rock Mining Co., Ltd., the light burning reverberatory kiln upgrading project has been basically completed. According to Shi Changgui, deputy manager of the company, in order to improve the pollution problem of magnesia production, this year, the investment of 5 million yuan, the dismantlement of the original Earth-Water gas station, the construction of an environmental protection and energy-saving mechanized thermal decoking gas station, the new gas station to save energy, reduce energy consumption, thermal efficiency increased by 10%-20%, product quality improved by one. Fuel cost is reduced by more than 15%. With high mechanization, safe and reliable operation and large gas production, one gas station can be used for multiple light burning kilns at the same time. More importantly, the environment of enterprises has been greatly improved, the concentration of soot and sulfur dioxide has been greatly reduced, in line with the national emission standards, and has changed the situation of black smoke, high energy consumption and heavy pollution in the past. Since the introduction of this technology, it has achieved better environmental protection and energy saving effect, reduced production costs, improved labor productivity, and brought greater economic and social benefits to enterprises.

According to the environmental protection department staff, in addition to these two projects, this year Haicheng will have three magnesia industry dust removal projects completed in September, can greatly reduce smoke and dust emissions, improve the city's air quality.

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